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Maji Safi UV Project

Through partnerships and drinking water expertise we can enact positive change for life and living throughout the world. The commitment of the collaborators is to provide clean and safe drinking water. Our vision is to empower tropical populations through sustainable access to clean drinking water using UVC LED technology. Maji Safi means "Clean Water" in Swahili and is truly the compass for our cause.

Project Mission

Use of UVC LED technology to alleviate mortalities and waterborne disease burdens through water grants. The collaborative effort is aimed to work from the ground up, establishing relationships with local communities and experts to establish sustainable drinking water solutions.

Our Partners

In order to ensure program success, the Maji Safi UV Project has partnered with established entities in the water industry from all over the globe. Including thought leaders from established Universities, Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations, Engineers, and Research Facilities.